The Missing Link~Therapeutic Massage Lana Baldauf, CMT

What Drives Me

I have long been fascinated by the way muscles respond to massage. It is quite remarkable to witness the change in muscle tone after a therapeutic massage session. I find it quite satisfying when a client experiences relief from pain that has been troubling them for days, months or sometimes even years!


My profession is really a craft, a talent, a continuous endeavor for excellence so I can serve those who trust me with their care. Massage is truly the missing link in your routine health care. Benefits include reducing blood pressure, better muscle tone, relief from muscle spasms, improved immune system, relief from fibromyalgia pain, increased range of motion in joints, to name just a few.


My journey as a Therapist is always expanding with research and collaboration with my peers and associates. I am driven to be the best that I can be, to serve my community and my God.


~Lana Baldauf